Launch Legacies: Bling for your new Troop of Girls

As noted in the prior message, there are some special items that are available for a new troop of girls that launches in 2019 – these items include:troop flag

  • Free: Atlanta Area Council Scouts BSA girl troop activity patches for all your youth and leaders – wear these proudly on the right pocket of your field uniform shirt.  (Design to follow … )


  • Free: An inaugural flag ribbon for your troop flag (the troop t1219flag itself can be ordered through, Item 618633 for $39.99).  Remember:  if you want the same troop number as your existing troop of boys, use it.  Yes, there will some sort of internal / reporting ScoutNet prefix or other designation, the exact nature of which is not known as of 1/12/19.  If you want a new number, work with your District Professional to see if it is available, and claim it as they require (forms and such).
  • Order your own custom Troop Number Patch (with added text like your Chartered Organization or “Girl Troop”) through, Item SKU: 18170 for $7.99.  See this great example from Atlanta T2019!


  • Youth and adults starting a new troop of girls … you’re a “Founder” and can wear the “Founder” patch, available through, Item SKU: 610129founder for $1.79.
  • Customized neckerchiefs also are available through and other licensed suppliers.



scout shop girls

As a place to put the bling, keep an eye out for announcements from the Atlanta Scout Shop (they are on Facebook) and from for female tailored uniform parts.


While existing stock may work for some, the newly tailored pieces may be better for most.


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