Discussions with Current Families

This BP Pointer from “The BP 2019 List” (or: ways to Be Prepared for Scouts BSA on February 1, 2019) is another about how to build consensus about whether – or how – to establish a Scouts BSA troop of girls at a Chartered Organization – some topics to consider as you pitch current families of Scouts in your troop of boys about launching a “sister” troop of girls.

Like your Chartered Organization, current leaders in your troop of boys, and your adults roundtableScouts, the families of Scouts will have an interest and curiosity about what this means.  Many of them might not be in sync initially with their Scout sons, but may well sway them, either to accept a troop of girls or (in the worst case) pull them from a troop if they don’t agree with whether, and how, a new troop of girls will be launched and operate from the same Chartered Organization.

threeSo families need to be briefed in order to become aware of how your two troops might operate, and what the current plans are for separate and joint operation – though those plans may well change over time, including as you conduct planning and get parental feedback.  Family feedback might change the course of plans about how your troops will coordinate.  This is a fine time to renew your regular requests that family members register as leaders to assist their troop, as more Scouts will mean more help is needed.

Like your current adult leaders and Scouts in your troop, you want to be sure to seek not only “positive” responses (like “A troop of girls is fine”), but also “negative” responses (like “I do not want my son on campouts near girls ever”).  You may want a series of “one on one” conversations to get the sense of some families – as troops need to be careful about decisions that may reduce the number of boys in their proto troopexisting troop.  That doesn’t mean that any one current family has a “veto” over whether to start a troop of girls (or how to run it), but it’s important to evaluate the impact, and, ideally, counsel all on an acceptable path forward.

For more, see posts here and to follow for past and upcoming items in the BP 2019 List (and for upcoming items that are not complete, shoot your comments to this Family Scouting email, as that might result in updates and clarifications).  More about what troop leaders might want to know about family scouting and girls is found on this District page of Scouts BSA resources and ideas.

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