BeAScout Page Tips, both “Coming Soon” and existing Unit Pins

This BP Pointer from “The BP 2019 List” (or: ways to Be Prepared for Scouts BSA on February 1, 2019) is about using the BeAScout page as a way to recruit.

The Membership Growth Group Director of the BSA (Wendy Shaw) announced in beascout2018 that to facilitate the joining process of families into new Scouts BSA troops, the BSA has added new functionality that allows councils to display “Coming Soon” units in  She noted that “This new ‘Coming Soon’ feature is available for Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, and Scouts BSA troops.  Families will be able to refine or expand their search for a unit near them by selecting ‘current’ units and/or ‘Coming Soon’ units.”

The initial rollout should allow a unit to display a point of contact to take questions (as of early January, we await confirmation of that), but it should show that, and we are told that sometime in the future, the “Coming Soon” functionality will be enhanced to include the ability for adults and parents of youth to submit an application and pay registration fees online, and to allow forming units to send joining invitations to families through My.Scouting.

But while we await that, for current troops of boys in Boy Scouting, now is good time to update your BeAScout unit pin to describe what you do to help get new members, whether or not you’ll have a Scouts BSA troop of girls at your Chartered Organization.

A pin can be updated by a “Key 3” leader of your troop (or a “Key 3 Delegate”), by logging in to your My.Scouting.Org account and updating the “BeAScout” setting.  The Key 3 leaders are Scoutmaster, Chair, and Chartered beascout pinOrganization Representative.

You can view a step-by-step guide detailing how to update your pin at this BSA resource page. In the BeAScout setting for your Troop on My.Scouting.Org, you can include your leader contact information and a brief description of your Troop and/or meeting times.  You can also see this YouTube Video for a visual demonstration.

And when your Scouts BSA unit pin goes live for your troop of girls, be sure to update your pin to reflect how you operate, and attract new Scouts and families.  And update as your plans evolve.

If you have any questions regarding “Be A Scout”, please contact the Atlanta Area Council at 770-989-8820 and you will be connected to someone who can help.


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