ScoutBook is free for all

The top tagline of Scoutbook is “The Whole Scouting Experience Rolled into One Great Web App”.  Yes, it’s mostly an advancement app, but it has other uses and other potential.

  • Plus, your Scouts will likely want to do rank advancement.scoutbook-2
  • And you’ve got to keep records of, and report, their progress.
  • And it’s free, so … give it a spin.

Now, there’s other elements to the tool that might be useful, like:

  • Communications and messaging, constructed in a Youth Protection compliant manner.
  • Allowing Scouts to report (and show) what they may have done at home to complete advancement requirements.
  • Activity and attendance records.
  • Keeping both Scouts and parents connected to the program.
  • Scoutbook empowers the Scout to be responsible for their own advancement
  • Adult leaders can use this for roster management, advancement reporting, interface with BSA records.

More about the free rollout and how it impacts current users is in this Bryan on Scouting blog from Scouting Magazine.

Now, you don’t have to use Scoutbook, but it’s free, so … try it out!


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