Post-Planning Publicity – Joining Nights, Media and More

In the PLC Pre-Launch Planning Pointer, the end note was about Publicizing your Plan:

Publicize.  And when you get a program and activities on the calendar, be sure to get that word out to your community:

  • Especially prospective Scouts and their families.
  • Let your Chartered Organization know of your progress.
  • Share on social media about what you’re going to do.
  • Use traditional media, maybe a press release about girls getting it done where they will go camping.
  • Contact your troop of boys and/or other troops of girls and let them know your plans – maybe some will want to do activities with you.”

How to Publicize?  Let us count the ways … here’s a recap of the many media and avenues you can use to get the word out, both by adults and by youth – but All Scouting is Local, and you may have more:

paperwork1)     Open House Events – Do activities that youth want to do, right now: show them what they will do in your Scouts BSA troop.  Brief parents too.

2)     Unit Websites – Put your best face forward.

3)     Unit BeAScout Pin – Put your best Words forward, briefly.

4)     Organization Websites – churches, schools, community groups, your Chartered Organization.

5)     Unit Facebook, Instagram, etc. – Follow Social Media Guidelines.

6)     Personal Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. – Follow Social Media Guidelines.

7)     Word of Mouth – tell the story of your troop plans to friends and families.

8)     Hand to Hand – put something about your troop in their hands.

9)     Text to Text / Email to Email / Tweet to Tweet / Post to Post – communicate how your target audience receives information.

10) Tell Your Story – you can make brief appealing announcements in public forums, like schools (parent meetings, student community meetings), churches, community groups, etc.

11) News Media – your city’s newspaper, local newspapers, community new bulletins, TV, Radio … however news is shared in your community.

sbsa smores 112) Demo / Parade / Show your Stuff – you may have the opportunity to demo what you do at a community event, at a Pinewood Derby or other Cub Scout event, or by being in a parade, or providing service at a community event.

Publicity Resources:  include, but not limited to:

And remember the “Branding Dos and Don’ts”, like:

  • never use the word “girl” before “Scouts.”  This includes fliers, in flyerconversation, social media, etc.
  • Do say:
    • Join Troop 123 for girls.
    • Our church has a boy troop and is forming a girl troop.
    • Join the BSA.  Find a troop for girls near you at”
    • “… Don’t … use names, programs, marks, logos, or images of the GSUSA or combine them with those of the BSA.”

These apply not just to fliers, but to how you talk, text, tweet and otherwise transmit words.

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