Still Boy Only: What Troops at Chartered Organizations with only a Troop of Boys can do to help their fellow Scouts and Potential Scouts

Some wonder: If Won’t Add a Troop of Girls, Do We Have To Deal with Girls and Their Families?  Well, you don’t, but …

  • … even if you’re not going to have a “sister” troop, we hope you’ll be helpful to girls interested in Scouting – even if you’re referring them to another Chartered Organization’s troop.
  • After all, “A Scout is friendly. A Scout is a friend to all. He is a brother to other Scouts.” And that includes girls interested in Scouts BSA.

welcome campsiteIf we don’t plan to start a troop of girls, can we have Arrow of Light girls do troop visits?  Sure.  You can let them visit your troop, just like you always do with boys!  You can still have them visit your troop and see how you do Scouting.  After all, the purpose of the troop visit is to let the Scouts see how a troop operates (whether they join you or not).  Plus, if the girls decide to start their own troop by themselves and copy how you do Scouting – that’s an excellent result!

sbsa climbingCan Arrow of Light Girls Camp and Hike with Us?  Yes they can, just like you already do with boys – but be sure to follow the Youth Protection rule that a registered female adult leader over 21 must be present for any activity involving female youth.  Some troops will insist it be a registered female from the pack, to be more familiar with the girls, but it could be a female troop leader.

sbsa archery 2Will there be Girl Troops at Summer Camp with Us?  Probably.  At Bert Adams Scout Camp and Woodruff Scout Camp, troops of girls are welcomed all weeks, and the first year camper program at Woodruff becomes “Mountaineer” (it remains “Rawhide” at Bert Adams).  At the Atlanta Area Council Camps, Girl troops will have designed areas to camp in, meaning that Scouts BSA troops of girls, will be put in campsites adjacent to each other, including any brother/sister troops that elect the same campsite – this will facilitate hospitality between troops of girls.  Locations and numbers will depend on the week and the census of troops of girls in camp.  Some other council’s camps make take a different approach, like having some mixed weeks, some boy-only, some girl-only.

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