New Training Modules Online

New Training Modules Online

This BP Pointer from “The BP 2019 List” (or: ways to Be Prepared for Scouts BSA on February 1, 2019) is about new Adult Leader Training Modules found in the “Learn Center” that you can access when you log into My.Scouting.

The new modules are there as of January 2!  But … it appears not all are updated jamboree-tonight-enewsyet.  [Detail to follow … quick review heard references to “boys” (not boys and girls) in the first Scoutmaster module, but the Uniforming module has photos of both girls and boys.]

To get to them, do these steps:

  • Log into and go to the “Learn Center”.
  • Click “Program Specific Training”.
  • There it is: Scouts BSA!  Three Plans:
    • Merit Badge Counselor
    • Scoutmaster (Assistants too)
    • Committee Members
    • To be able to open a Course, you have to first “Add Plan”

For general knowledge and more and conducting live training, there is a plethora of information at, including syllabi for many courses.

Did you conduct or attend a live training using a proper syllabus?  Do you want to be deserves trainedsure the attending leaders get proper credit in My.Scouting?  Registered adult leaders who are “Key Three” can enter training completion on My.Scouting – for how, see these Training Manager slides from My.Scouting.

  • Others who can enter training are “Key Three Delegates” and “Unit Training Chair” as assigned in your unit’s “Organization Security Manager” on My.Scouting.
  • District registered leaders can also do this for their units – in addition to District “Key Three” and “Key Three Delegates”, a District Training Chair trained-patch-300x121-300x121as assigned in your District’s “Organization Security Manager” on My.Scouting can do this, as can anyone assigned to “Training Committee” in your District’s “Organization Security Manager”.
  • Note: you cannot credit training for yourself.  Only for others.

A note about live Youth Protection Training:  this is to be conducte


d only by trained YPT facilitators.  Now, contact your District Executive to confirm, but a live group training watching the online YPT should be acceptable, provided all take (and pass) the quiz at the end individually.

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